our process

Our Process

Our workflow process keeps you involved and informed every step of the way.

Our goal is to keep things simple. We have a streamlined workflow which combines the best of personal interaction with online communication tools. With New Prodigy you know where your projects currently stand, what the next steps are, how long those steps are expected to take, and when we are waiting on you (yes, it happens).


With New Prodigy You Get...

  • Defined workflow.
  • Assigned account manager.
  • Assigned project manager.
  • Secure project area (our Project Hub).
  • Frequent milestone updates.

  • Best revision process ever offered by a marketing company.
  • Continuous interaction with our team.
  • Ongoing consultation on best-practices.


Our Revision Process » Best In The Business

Built into our workflow is a revision process which allows you to make multiple revisions along the way for design-based projects (e.g. logo, website, etc.) so that you get something you love.

With the ability to provide input and feedback through multiple revisions you are able to direct your project, view the evolution of a design, request changes, and take the time to gather feedback from trusted colleagues and friends. None of which incurs additional or hidden costs!

project workflow diagram
Most projects are actually fairly straightforward and therefore follow the fundamental workflow shown above. For more complex projects or longer term marketing initiatives such as Online Marketing, the workflow is modified accordingly.


People You'll Get To Know

There are a few people you may get to know within our company over the course of your partnership with us. Every project has at least the following 2 key people involved:

  • Marketing Adviser (also called Business Development Adviser or BDA): This person is the one who is ultimately responsible for all things related to your project. Your Marketing Adviser coordinates your project on our end, advises you on best-practices and your available options from a brand strategy perspective, and of course, is your primary point of contact.

  • Project Manager: The project manager is the expert who overlooks your project on our end. This person also interacts with you extensively through the Hub (see below for an explanation of the Hub), and in fact, often turns out to be the person you interact with the most.

There are other individuals that contribute on various projects as well. People such as graphic artists, programmers, online marketing specialists, etc. Ultimately though, who they are depends on the nature of your project but your primary communication will always run through your Marketing Adviser and your Project Manager.


The Tools We Use

We utilize a web-based project management application which allows us to interact with you on your project, and you with us, via an easy to use interface. This is our Project Hub. There is no software to install and no training required. All you need is a web browser, the secure login we provide you, and you're off and running.

Although the Hub is a great communication tool we also make use of web-meetings, face-to-face meetings, and phone calls so that we there is personal interaction with you for things like project reviews. This ensures you are always communicating accurately with us, and us with you.


Take The Next Step

After you've placed your order, a marketing agent will follow-up with you to walk you through the next steps to getting your project rolling. You interact with real people!

next stepIf the option to purchase a service directly through our website is not presented then that means the service can only be provided via a custom quote. In this case, please contact us via our request-a-quote form, or call us, and we will be happy to help you out.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable ordering directly online, then you can also request-a-quote and a real person will be happy to follow-up with you.


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For further details on our people, the tools we use, and our general workflow methodology, check out Our Process (PDF) brochure.