business blogging

Business Blogging

Business blogging for small business is a must. Blogging allows you to interact with your existing and target customer base and that creates new business.

Blogging is another one of those social media strategies that is poorly understood by business owners with respect to how it can be a valuable business tool.

Blogging is an opportunity for a business to communicate with, and interact with, existing and potential customers by blogging about those topics that might be of interest to your target audience. This is one, very good reason to blog but there is another as well. High search engine rankings.


With New Prodigy You Get...

  • Setup of WordPress blog.
  • Setup of blog domain (e.g. or
  • Customization of look-and-feel of blog.
  • Integration of blog into primary website navigation.

  • Training on how to use WordPress blog.
  • Training on how to research blog topics.
  • Ongoing consultation on best-practices for corporate blogging.

wordpressThe leading small business blog tool is WordPress. We will create your business blog using WordPress so that your blog is branded to the look-and-feel of your website. We will also integrate your blog into the navigation structure of your website so that it is easily accessed. Finally, we will train you on how to utilize your blog, research blog topics, and optimize your blog to target keywords, build credibility, and improve your websites organic search engine rankings.


Why Business Blog?

  • Communicate with your existing customer base.
  • Communicate with potential customers.
  • Increase link popularity.
  • Be viewed as an expert in your industry.

  • Target keywords through your blog.
  • Increase website credibility.
  • Increase website ranking in search engines.

Ranking high on search engines like Google is a function of many variables, one of which (a critical one) is something called link popularity » the number of links pointing to your website. High link popularity is "good" in the eyes of search engines and that leads to increased "website credibility," which is also good in the eyes of search engines.

These things combine to boost your websites ranking; a high ranking leads to more targeted traffic visiting your website; more targeted traffic visiting your website leads to more sales. This is why it's so important for every business to start and nurture and business blog.

Business blogging is a key component to a well-rounded online marketing strategy.


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