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Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing technique available to small business marketers.

Email marketing is about maintaining continuous communication with your existing or target customer base so that you remain first on their minds when they are ready to buy. Email marketing is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy.


With New Prodigy You Get...

  • Design of reusable HTML email template (emails are also sent as text for widest possible distribution).
  • Access to HTML email template for future use.
  • Testing of all campaigns.
  • Setup of opt-in form on website (optional).

  • Content authoring (i.e. we help you write your emails so they grab the attention of your audience).
  • Setup of email campaign tracking system.
  • Setup of email campaign schedule.
  • Training to manage email campaigns.
  • Import of contact database to email campaign system.

Build It Send It Track It

Build It: We will build your email newsletters and email campaigns so they're successful.
build it
  • We build you a custom newsletter template that suit's your specifications and reflects your brand.
  • You can change your content and graphics on your own, or get us to do it for you (most common option).
  • Make as many changes as needed to your newsletter before you send it out.


Send It: We give you the tools you need to create and manage your email lists.
send it
  • Create an unlimited number of email lists and add an unlimited number of subscriber emails into each list.
  • Send an unlimited number of campaign emails.
  • Send your emails in both HTML and Text.
  • Preview your campaigns before they go out to your clients.
  • Resend draft or archived campaigns without having to recreate them.
  • Easily setup campaign personalization via merge fields (e.g Hi Mary, Hi Bob,).
  • Create signup (opt-in) forms so your website visitors can signup automatically to your newsletter.
  • Segment your email lists so you can easily target different people.
  • Automatically schedule email campaigns so you can set it, and forget it.

We give you the tools you need to create and manage your email lists, and then teach you how to use them so that any non-technical person can run your campaigns. Alternatively, we will run and manage the entire process for you.


Track It: The progress and success rate of all campaigns are fully tracked and reported to you through your email marketing software account.
track it
  • Campaign tracking and reports are generated automatically and previewed in your web browser.
  • Real time graphs make it easy to understand the results of your campaign.
  • View exactly who opened your emails and how many times.
  • View delivered emails, bounced emails, opened emails, click-throughs, and unsubscribes for each campaign.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to further enhance reporting results.

Tracking the results of your email campaigns is critical because it allows you to measure the success rate of your content. You can then replicate successful campaigns, and discard unsuccessful ones.


What Should I Email, & How Often?

There is a wide array of information that you can communicate to your existing or potential customer base no matter what your business. Every industry and business will have its own unique approach, but you should be sending out all or some of the following in the form of a newsletter or general sales email:

  • industry news or tips
  • product or service information
  • key service offerings
  • trade show or industry event news

  • feedback forms
  • thank-you messages
  • special offers

The frequency with which you communicate via email marketing really depends on the nature of the communication. You may be running an email campaign focused on generating new business, in which case you may have a definitive start and end date. Or, you may be sending out a company newsletter, in which case the frequency is less important then the quality of the content, and consistency.


Take The Next Step

After you've placed your order, a marketing agent will follow-up with you to walk you through the next steps to getting your project rolling. You interact with real people!

next stepIf the option to purchase a service directly through our website is not presented then that means the service can only be provided via a custom quote. In this case, please contact us via our request-a-quote form, or call us, and we will be happy to help you out.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable ordering directly online, then you can also request-a-quote and a real person will be happy to follow-up with you.


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