our guarantee

Our Guarantee

We put our money where our mouths are and guarantee your satisfaction.

We want you to be completely comfortable with the decision to move forward with New Prodigy. As further incentive to move forward we offer you a money-back guarantee. Our guarantee gets your project started, risk free, so that we can prove to you that we know what we're doing.


Here's How It Works » Step-By-Step

  1. Design » This is the Design Phase during which we design project mockups based on your specifications.
  2. Review » You review the mockups we just designed and provide feedback (your likes and dislikes).
  3. Revise » We revise mockups based on your feedback; repeat as often as required until everyone thinks it's perfect. You must commit to no less then 5 revisions before requesting a refund. We ask this because this is very much a subjective process and we need some flexibility to perfectly capture your vision.
  4. Build » Once you approve your project mockups we move to the Build Phase. At this point you are financially committed to the project but you also know exactly how fantastic it will look.

  • If we do not design mockups that capture your vision based on the information you provide us then you can chose not to continue with New Prodigy and we will refund any payment you may have made.

Most marketing projects are design-projects (e.g. logo, website, e-commerce, print collaterals, etc.). In other words, there is a design phase in which mockups are generated, feedback provided, mockups revised, and then ultimately finalized (review our process for full details).

Should we be unable to design material that coincides with the project guidelines and information you provided us, then you are under no obligation to continue, and we will refund 100% of any payment you may have made.

It's that easy, that straightforward!

[Note: Some marketing strategies do not lend themselves to this model (e.g. online marketing), as such, our guarantee may be revised to better suit the service being provided.]


Standard Payment Terms

We have established standard payment terms and schedules of payment which we have found work well for both you and for us.

Standard payment typically runs as follows:

  • 50% of project fee is due upon approval of project and is 100% guaranteed (as per the terms of our guarantee mentioned above).
  • 50% of project fee is due upon approval of project mockups (i.e. the remainder of your project fee is due once your project enters the build-phase).
  • Flexibility is available within the standard payment schedule so inquire about alternatives if required.

IMPORTANT: No project can be released to the client until 100% of the agreed upon project fee has been received by New Prodigy Marketing Group. Projects under $2,000.00 may be due in-full upon budget approval.

Take The Next Step

After you've placed your order, a marketing agent will follow-up with you to walk you through the next steps to getting your project rolling. You interact with real people!

next stepIf the option to purchase a service directly through our website is not presented then that means the service can only be provided via a custom quote. In this case, please contact us via our request-a-quote form, or call us, and we will be happy to help you out.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable ordering directly online, then you can also request-a-quote and a real person will be happy to follow-up with you.


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